I implement everything with my Truest Intentions

As skeptical as I can be regarding others and their malices. I looked deep into my own soul and understood the others. They may be thinking the same about me. Then I learned to implement. Persevere, focus and trust my own self and judgements, irrespective of how many times I have been dissed. It is this cycle of doing that will eventually make me the master of Awareness. Trust will be built for my own self. This is the implementation of tolerance and belief. Awareness of oneself.
I am aware. I am aware. No one will tell me but my own mind. This is the biggest sin. Not listening to my own self. Stay when I must and leave when I know I don’t need to be present. I am aware, yet I will pay no heed to my self, my own voice.

I am aware, the mastery is in exercising awareness and implementing it daily.

I start and complete things I bring into my life with my Truest Intentions

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