I implement everything with my Truest Intentions

HI#50: Follow Me

Follow me not
For if I fall you shall too

Follow me not
For if I am stuck you shall too

Follow me not
For If I stay silent you shall be wondering

Follow me not
For If I over say you shall be annoyed

Follow me not
For I am wrong you shall have to make a choice
To forgive me or not to forgive me
Then If you did you shall be reluctant
But if you didn’t
You shall never forgive yourself

Follow me not
For you want to learn from me
But to implement for what I shall remind you
That you already know

Follow me
For not what I say but How I act

Follow me not
For you’re lost and trying to find yourself
But to rebuild yourself to Trust yourself
Or to enhance your own findings

I am the basic
You are the Master
I am the thought
You are the action
Of your own Intentions
I am the Booster
You are the Motivation

I am the practice
You are the Belief

Follow me
For you have followed all and most by virtue and vice that you have
Heard, read, practiced
And have accepted my following to be the one.

Follow me
Not just because your heart desires
But your whole universe is filled with light

Follow me
Because you can save your self
Not because I am performing miracles

Follow me
Because others are counting on you

Follow me
Not to orbit like a Moon
But to be the Sun
Who gives life to everyone

Follow me
So I can see you have no fears
Yet you have respect
You have no hesitations
To speak outright
Without the question of  being punished
Without the uncomfortableness of being judged

Follow me so world has no one leader but all of us
So we can follow each other
No equality or measures to differentiate
No comparisons.

Follow me so I can follow you
For we have our own strengths to share
To bring harmony within and around us

I start and complete things I bring into my life with my Truest Intentions


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