Regret and Obey!

Regret and Obey!

I have shown you what heaven is.
Me! Loving you unconditionally forever.
But you are tied down with your worldly rituals and rites,
Calling it religion and ..
Thus your mind craves the Hell  you can’t escape.
So sweetly so knowingly you choose Hell over Heaven.
Yes, Pay back your  Obligations and burdens on your shoulders of family for bringing you up and supporting you
And they now are demanding you to fulfill that duty.
Leave the heaven as you have tasted the fruit.
Doomed is your salvation.
Not choosing heaven is your choice.
Blissful  is ignorance indeed.
You should have avoided seeing the Heaven.
Regret and Obey!


I wont Cry

I Won’t Cry

I won’t cry I wont cry
I won’t cry no I will not
I will die from within
But I won’t cry

I will lose my mind
You can torture me
And behave cruelly and be unkind
But I won’t cry

I will tear my clothes off
And dance naked in the crowd
I will die from within
But I won’t cry

You can tear my ego apart
And rip my self-esteem in pieces
Or burry me in trash of insult
But I won’t cry

You can keep killing me slowly
Put me to shame and enjoy
Make me feel worthless and lowly
I will die thousands of deaths
But I won’t cry