Satire – Day Light Saving Time – Another Tool for Human Psyche Distortion

Satire – Day Light Saving Time – Another Tool for Human Psyche Distortion

Right when the mind almost fully adjusts in Six months to accept that the sun is going to be at different angle every day the Day Light Saving Time ends.
Move your clock up move your clock time. Like it wasn’t enough that humans invented time to make us believe all that exists.
Our brains are well equipped. Actually very well equipped. At the same time, however, it is very delicate. So handle with care. Please!

The irony of Western world is that they always go against nature. It’s hideous what the Industry had invented for so called convenience that we have no clue what our natural powers are any more. All we have used this brain of ours is to destroy things and go against nature of the universe and worst of all against our own selves. And Irony is who ever destroys most world makes them the leaders and start following them. We all follow industrialism and economics. We all are guilty of making abundant resource scarce to manipulate each other.  We even believe and justify that Cane and Able fought and one killed the other for a good reason.

Now let’s try and connect with this.
Where Periods, cycles and revolutions exists in nature, Man invented Time. Which is 1/Period.
Where minds can connect telepathically, Man invented phones and cell phones to connect
Where thought can travel faster than light and can illuminate the whole world (may be not) Man invented smart cars, planes, trains and machines and computers.
Where Sex is as important as breathing after adulthood, Man created so many ISMs, and policies and hierarchies that my mind boggles that how on earth  does another man(collectively) tell someone just to have sex one must feel Noble. Yet the more sleazy the man is known the more he gets laid and is called Alpha male.
The idea is,
Where things are in abundance we created Economics and controlled each and every abundant resource and manipulated it so much so that bullets are more cheaper in some parts of the world than water (if it is available at all)

Oh Yeah, Daylight savings time
Then solar calendar and timings were introduced to the humans. To mess with minds a little more.

Did you know if you follow the lunar calendar the day light saving times is slowly compensated every day because the sunsets and sunrises occur at different periods. Each day from one minute to three minutes the day subtracts or adds depending upon how cold or hot the weather is respectively. Oh well, to promote solar calendar the lunar calendar is deemed inaccurate, oh what a lunacy! Not one full dose of hour gone or hour added from your life. Thats a lot of mind tweaking every six months.

The horrendous part is the belief of the belief that to believe in something whether it exists or not one must start believing in something. And because of such atrocities of control freaks around the world whose aim is just to take over this earth and planet we see Machiavellian inductions in our daily lives. We ended up believing in economics of things. 

Two days has passed since Daylight Savings has ended. My mind is still freaking out. My mind is telling me it’s 10:30pm My clocks are saying  it’s 9:30pm and my body is saying what !@#$  or FUBAR. If you all know what I mean. Don’t RIP Einstein, you invented Theory of Relativity, even after you are dead.  Don’t RIP who ever invented this Industrialism, and definitely don’t RIP, whoever invented DAYLIGHT Saving time.

A simple animal made itself so complex why ? Just so it can call itself SUPER BEING and put oneself at the top controlling place among all the known and unknown species.


PS: This is not an activism against anything especially against ending DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME or to ADOPT the Lunar calendars.


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