So tell me the truth
Truth about you
Not about me!
I accept, the truth about me
Will make me feel
You are insulting me

I feel degraded
I feel humiliated
I didn’t know
Hearing truth about myself
Makes me so upset
That I want to end it all

Just lie to me
Keep lying about me
Keep it coming
At least it is beautiful
At least it takes me away
To this La La Land
Of loving myself
And return the love to you

But then I asked you
To speak the truth
And Stupid you,
You really did

I panicked
I felt horrible
At myself

Am I this person
Am I this hideous?
Am I?
The earth shattered
I wanted to bury myself
Guilt, anger, disappointments

Why did I ask for the truth
Now I have to leave you
Be with someone else
Who will abuse me and lie to me
I know he will
Because I know the truth now
He will, to my face
I will smile back and think,
What a crock of shit

I would want to run to you
But I am scared of your truth
I banish you
I severe ties with you
I am happy to not know the truth

The world is mine now
Acceptance of lies
I surrender to the lies
Liar, you live within me
Truth go fuck yourself!


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