I don’t know what my worth is, I never cared
Like Silent flowers, and short, tall trees,
Like buzzing bumbles and hovering honey bees
I never snared

I dwell among the nature free
Like raindrops and soothing, hugging breeze,
Like Falling leaves and snowy freeze
I never decree

I am forestry and wild habitants love and dream
Like wildlife animals harmony, and peaceful cohabitation
Like Flock of birds, herd of animals among the population
I never scheme

This is what, I am worthy, means to me
Not war or cruelty or supremacies
Not cut throat monstrous ceremonies
I am always in peace in love and carefree

I believe in simple things to  moderate
Like changing times and suave,humble dispositions
Like calming sea waves and gentle gestures compassions
I never stagnate


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