Don’t turn in your grave
You can’t, long ago you’ve become worm food
But your legendary Yellow Journalism
Is now the mainstream.

What is news now, but a medium to propagate
Fear, hate, violence, voyeurism,
War, war and more wars.

Thanks for the ideology Pulitzer,
You single handedly contributed to
Making Yellow colour more bloody
Than the blood sheds of millions
Due to Yellow Propaganda

How many more prizes will be deemed
Highest …in your name
Follower Journalists,
Be proud
You Just won again
The medals of Blood and Death
Keep Assange out of the loop
For he couldn’t and will not
Serve your purpose

It’s like blaming
Einstein for Atomic Bomb Invention
Well then blame the whole humanity
Why do we even exist
Evolution couldn’t have created
Chaos any better.

Photograph by (onlybackground)



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