Sun shines at 11:00am bright in the sky
Dark and white clouds minding away and fly
TV Channels  selling Jesus en mass
Some bluntly some with class

While I was watching (SNL) Saturday Night Life
Night walked into Sunday Morning without strife
Just after half an hour
I was frantically laughing with full SNL comedy power

My sight, wanders through my California blinds,
Withered and falling leaves of Lemon Tree, it finds
It’s way to the Neighbouring windows across the road
Without interest to pry my thoughts in my mind unload

How blessed I am to have good neighbours
The care we bestow upon each other and the fruits of loves labours
Agents knocking doors to put money in our pockets
These are selling times in real estate markets

The loss would be too great for the moneys never last
Should we move the neighbourhood sell home fast?
Where would me move to, in these  times, which cities?
But Sundays are not to think of such superficialities

Just relax and take a day off should be the only thought
No web searching to see the deals that are hot
No tablets or pads or talks of money, religion or politics
Do some book reading no mouse to scroll or new  clicks





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