Don’t Leave

Don’t leave
Because you  hate your family
Don’t leave
Because the brainwashing of
Relationship attachments you are born with
Will haunt you forever

Don’t leave in anger
You will ruin my life and yours
The obligations you and I will carry
on our backs
We cant get rid of
We wouldn’t be able to carry
Don’t leave in retaliation
Of one request you truly wanted for life
And they  had refused

Leave only truly
Because you love me
Without obligations

Don’t leave
To break the chains
You are tied down with
Of your culture or traditions
Leave to build a life of us

If you ever leave
For all the reasons I don’t want you to
For your sudden surreal judgement cloudiness
I will be the victim of the trap. Not
Love that I so innately
Believed to make me grow

You only know the love that
That makes one a hostage
Of obligations and incarcerate
Them into oblivions of nonpayments
You would take your lifetime
To do to me
What was done on to you
Before you left
All your life
Thats all you will give
As that is all you knew

I died the day you left
Everyone for me
To be with me

So If I could ask you
One more time
Don’t Leave to come to me
Then Please Don’t!

But now I can only wish
I can only see my distant self
Empty, sitting with my head in my knees
Ready to leave
For the same reasons
You left
Your Everybody
I could only wish…


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