Mother Earth

Mother Earth

Hello Mother…Earth!
I am that mother fucker.
Who have pounded you,
I have kamasutrad your body
In showing you my superiority
Of my Being-ness.

My exploits are visible
On you.
Inside you, is the dump of my sins
beating and bleeding hearts
Rage erupts in volcanoes and dies off
But my rage as your Molester
Lives forever
I am Seven Billion strong and growing
And you?
Just one bitch

Mother, I fuck you daily and I live off of and on you
I have made species extinct on your bosoms.
I have created mass extinctions of races
In the names of religions

Mother I rape you daily,
Yet it’s not satisfying,
I want more, I dug your body
To bury piles and piles of shit
Non degradable.

Mother, I have screwed you brains out
Your Ozone layer I ripped
Like Hymen off a virgin, bleeding!
Yet you don’t say a word.
You keep loving me and
I keep fucking you
My innate nature of possessiveness
Inspires me

My viral being’s self indulgence
Is the proof of my power
I will ride you like I ride a whore
And I ride you daily
And I shall keep at it.

I sell you in pieces.
I invade others to acquire
Everything that exists
Inside. My Bigotry
Is unbound.
Mother Earth, Listen you fat useless cow!
I will milk you
Till every part of your body is
Reaking  pollution.
My doing, My doing
I stand supreme and proud!

Yes Mother
When I was born it was the day
You started dying
I am that, mother!
I am that…

I am Human!

I am the only inhabitant
That will consume you
In the name of peace,
Safety, sincerity, truth
and justice.
I will keep fucking you
I will milk you dry
Till you are no more…




It is not you whom I avoid
It is not you I hide away from
It is me I cant escape from
Failing efforts of saving you all from me

You haven’t done anything wrong
The monsters just wont sleep
In my head. Fearing I will piss you off
Or say things that you wont understand
But judge me.

You are coping and accepting
These worldly affairs. My body
Suffers. My soul darkens
Revealing the sufferings,
Through my tongue.

Yes its a push to all of
You. Who just learned to fit in
With this hideous world of humans
How dare I set you off your balance?

So I avoid me, Who  challenge
your fickle desperate existence.
This bitterness is your reflection
Of adopting of this world

Soon enough, you will give up
On me. Just like you gave in to
The atrocities of this world
Joining to be them

You will race towards number one
Unsatisfied. I will effortlessly
Be a loser, Unsatisfied
Just in time, just in time.