It is not you whom I avoid
It is not you I hide away from
It is me I cant escape from
Failing efforts of saving you all from me

You haven’t done anything wrong
The monsters just wont sleep
In my head. Fearing I will piss you off
Or say things that you wont understand
But judge me.

You are coping and accepting
These worldly affairs. My body
Suffers. My soul darkens
Revealing the sufferings,
Through my tongue.

Yes its a push to all of
You. Who just learned to fit in
With this hideous world of humans
How dare I set you off your balance?

So I avoid me, Who  challenge
your fickle desperate existence.
This bitterness is your reflection
Of adopting of this world

Soon enough, you will give up
On me. Just like you gave in to
The atrocities of this world
Joining to be them

You will race towards number one
Unsatisfied. I will effortlessly
Be a loser, Unsatisfied
Just in time, just in time.


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