Today I woke up- A monster
Buzzing ears
Depression tearing my soul in pieces – microns
I can feel the tiny worms eating my brain inside my head – Unstoppable!
Today, I hate you and myself – world!
Tensed tight face
Queasy existence wavering like a canoe up down left right
I can feel the bitterness of myself in my own mouth

Today, getting out of this mode is a challenge
Ending is just a plan away
There is no warmth that surrounds me she is warming someone else Happy
I can bring the earth down with vibrations of my screams of loathing and sufferings

Today, I just pray that this day, this feeling passes
Never to come back again
But I know it will come sooner to outrage me
I can choose to say “I am choosing to feel this” repeatedly

Today, all the worldly work is going to suffer

Today, who else is lonely like me?


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