These eyes are saying differently
Then what your lips utter
And the gestures of your body
Wants to push me down
In the stinky gutter

This is what your eyes tell me
And yours and all others
Who come close to me
No matter how hard
You want to hide
Its that obvious
Your smile with contradictory
Words and actions
You know I can see

I am not Deserving
I am made to feel this way
Hidden arrows and knives of words

It’s so hard to see,
Have you ever thought
I may not have the
Capability of realizing
Your love or support?

Have you ever considered
Everything I do is because I
Care unconidiotnally

Is it you or me?
I can’t see
Is it me or you?
I don’t have a clue

But all I see is judging
and unforgiving eyes
With fake smiles
I may not be deserving
You aren’t either



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