My Mind

My mind was beautiful,
I still feel like a child
Scared of Adulthood
I wanna remain innocent
I intended to be blissful

My mind was sharp
Till I became an adult
My innocence challenegd
To be replaced with cunning
And clever accolades of
Stabbing others for my gain
Ignorance and deceit is
Adults harp

My mind was witty and shiny
Laugh, love and be loved
Quick at laughable comebacks
Gaining respect from adults
“He will be some one big. He is so intelligent”
Pointing out at me
Well here I am, broken by adults,
Brainless, a liability, and whiny

My mind, I still feel
the reminiscent of it.
Lost in adulthood
Confused as hell in Whys that
quickly comes back to me  being a reason
Adulthood is no big deal

My mind…
Wont grow up to be an adult
It has no brains left to see
An adult befitting to love
Or cherish life

My mind…
Only sees basics
Breathe, eat, drink
Rest and avoid

My mind…
Does not relate
Does not debate
Wont anticipate



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