I’m not that tall erect tree that gives you shades
Or green shrubs for soothing eyes
Where when sun shines the light it filters it and fades

I was not made that way,
I felt I kept crawling, licking dirt
mud and puddle dark and gray

I, clueless of my identity
drowned in my sorrows
A joke to look at no serenity

So I thought, before I met you
Who was I, If not a tree, if not a shrub,
Not fake, or wrong, not right not true

Each day you touched me and you led
I felt your touch, far and wide
Within me, my monsters cried and out they fled

I saw my beauty within me smile
I felt my extensions infinite
Each time you loved me forever and while

And all my senses lit up, awakened perfect and fine
And an epiphany erupted in heart and mind
You showed me, I wasn’t a tree, I am this amazing vine

Yes I crawl in mud and dirt and spread
Yes I can’t ever be erected mighty or high
I am a life bearing essential of nature’s thread

I will never be vertical
Be shady or refuge for others
Like you, I will not be identical

I am a gentle, leafy spreading soul
Spreading horizontal on mother earths  bosoms
Yes, I am what I am, total and whole

Thanks to you, myself I can see
A beautiful perfect living breathing life
I am a vine, I now know, not a tree


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