Who Owns Me

My pleasant nature
My shyness
Innocence disposition
With anguish hands
Waving goodbye
To my sanity
At my minds departure

Who owns me
Who owns me
A little piece
Or a chunk
In your hands
In your lives
Who owns me

If not me
If not you
Then my memories
Tangled and lit
Pieces of me with you
Our times together
But shed them all away
Unwantingly putting to rest
So easily

Who owns me
With my monsters
But my mind
Faster and faster
Spinning to reject
Or overcome
Subsiding all that’s around
One by one rationality
Seize to exist
I see it flee

Rambles and stutters
Irritations and blockages
Empowered paranoia
Frustrations with rages
Overwhelming bursts
Outrageous yellings
Swears and curses
Snap snap and uncontrollable
Words it utters

Who owns me
If not me
These actions
Desperation and depressions
Irrationalities of my existence
Denying normalacies of you
In confusions
Lost in my slavery
I laugh at my mind’s chains
Wholeheartedly and free

If you are sane
Normal and not vain
Then what am I?
If you are happy with
Stresses and depressions
Of life’s rat races
Pushing and shoving
Pulling and burying
Again and agian
Then I must be in pain

I asked myself
Who owns me
And I see
My pieces
Reaching out from within
All of you
I cant escape
So I deny
And live by
And away
Hiding and placing
Breaking and making
Decorating my heart
With my minds creativity
Who will own me
I have a place for you
Right here
On my new shelf


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