Like Me

Like Me

Like me, like me, like me
Look into my eyes, can’t you see?
Feel my vibes, feel the notes and the keys
They all say to like me, like me, like me

And then you repel,
Repel from the honesty
If he gives me all
What will he want when will he call
To take back all, even what I got
So then you repel
But please like me like me like me

Now I look into your eyes
The feeling unknown I see
The warmth is gone
The push is coming
With earth quaking forces
Your words resonating
Cracking the bridging tunnel of hope
We both had created

You feared my selflessness
I your refusal
You questioned your honesty
I my own rejecting you

We both rejecting
You see me desparate
I see only excitement
You see needy me
I saw me happy and carefree

Like me like me like me
Harmless I am
And you stay away
Why won;t you like me

You shook your head
Thinking, no matter what you do
I’ll never feel the likeness nor love
In your eyes




Will You Even Like Me ?

You love me
You love my heart
My Mind and Soul
You worship my grounds I walk
And Bow

And here is this unknown
Too good to be true
Waiting for faults in me
When is my cover blown

Too Good to be true
I am, I am
All to love you
Fantasies do come true
To keep realities in blue

The beast and the beauty whole
You demand more
More of me all of me
My truth to see me fall
Hating heart wretched soul

Are your ready?
To know it all?
My reality and lives
Uncouth, sick and rowdy
Untrustworthy and shady

My frustrations and losses
These insecure reasons