Shred it, shed it, toss is out
The outraging mind messing my nails
Do it, dig them in the skin
Or poke them in your eyes
Just do it already
The vibrating signals in the head keeps asking
But why, But why
Sanity trying to win over me?
What would a sane person know about sanity?
He’s never been insane.
Ask me what sanity is
No I wouldn’t give anything
to get it back.
Hell I worked so hard to get rid of it
Or did I?
Well there are these bulges of moments
When I try to be normal
I am laughing so loudly in my head
I don’t want people to know I don’t take any pill for keeping my sanity like they do,
They might not like it
So I laugh in my head
Normal is the new insanity if you are not on meds, yo!


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