This is You

This is You

You are you

You think you are unchangeable 

You do as you are told by everyone who comes in your life 

Even for a minute

So amazing the power 

of letting  others do to you

To please yourself for just a 

Little more till the other figures out

This is you

They don’t care 

They don’t care

You don’t either

Just a little high

A hanky panky of mind

Just for few minutes

Then off you go 

Doing nothing

Is this why you called me

The cosmic shake you did

To reach out to me

Just to admit 

This is You 

No matter what you do

How soon you remember 

Is up to you

You are you

One minute your are yours 

The next in someone’s virtual arms

You are you

Why do you care

You are privileged 

Just today

What happens tomorrow

You don’t have a clue

I don’t either

This is You 

Dodging sideline silence and yells all forms of manipulation

This is You


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