My Worth 

My Worth

I am this way

Don’t ask me to change

Don’t tell me what to do

I live the way I want to

I’ll form the shape I choose to

Don’t tell me what to do

I command my feelings 

To say I love you whenever I want

Not you

Not anyone

No matter where my life takes me

Self loathing disgust perishing in my own regress

Don’t tell me 

I will live as I please

Or not

This is who I am 

so do not try to change me

And I wondered 

When did I ever say or do that

But then you can’t command me either

You can’t expect me to be otherwise 

What you aren’t either 

You can’t expect from me 

what you don’t others to expect from you

You can’t feel the pain 

When you want and thrash 

Others when you want and expect them 

to understand this is who you are 

What if I am you but 1000000 times more

Yes that’s my worth…