The Person I am

The Person I am

So you think you know me 

From unreachable distances

I cast my persona 

All knowing and all encompassing 

So you think you know me

Till you bring down and up the depths and heights of your courageous self

Then a bigbang

This … this you thought of god like 

This the coward pest of a man

This is my biggest mistake 

So… I dont wonder anymore 

Not even with you 

I am that pest

A buzzing annoying mosquito 

People just wanna squish 

Come closer fomd the demons 

Or the demon you alwqys safeguraded yourself from

Like a fly in the web you are stuck 

The man I will never be

The person I am

Is the nightmare you can never wake up from

You are drawn to everything about me that is wrong

I dont have to do anything

This is the person I am

Everyones biggest mistake


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