The Light

The Light 

Every day I wake up not knowing what I will do. Not just whole day or next hour or in the morning. A STRUGGLE that has totally occupied me and made me aware of my senseless living. It’s how it is. Everyday. What will I. do today and the mind is as empty as the brightest star’s light. Then when I finally have this black dot of doing something in this brightest light of nothingness, immediately confusion sets in, eyes go inside, becoming unfocussed, pointlessness sets in ringing in ears makes confusion even more. I find myself staring at things and then thoughts just merging with the brightest light of this nothingness mixing light and that fuzzy dot that wants me to do something productive today. I EXIST…daily in that brightest light of nothingness. YES all of you can percieve me as that energy. YOU can’t come closer to the sun without disintegrating …be ready to burn melt and vanish … That’s what the light makes me think of myself.


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