Never Gonna be Unfucked, Never Really Cared
Break my heart, how,

Which piece out of trillions i have of my one broken heart?

This is timeless punsihment

For being me

You are not alone

You are not to blame

I am not alone either

I have all you mother fuckers’ memories 

Family friends lovers colleagues partners  

Who took one piece at a time 

In the name of …. all being Unintentional, 

Yeah Right…

So then how am i the biggest mistake

How will i ever be never unfucked 

I never really cared ….because time is so cheap that i can forget about myself for everyone i never really cared for


the new claimer of my love … 

You wrote me off as “i really don’t care”

Whatever rows your boat

So I ask again which one trillionth of the piece of my heart cam you ever break

Let me tell you

None you can’t break a broken heart

Or unfuck a fucked

That definitely makes me a biggest mistake 

Aint it

You are always right!


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