“Thank you 

With all my sarcasm

Bitterness anger and hatered

I hate men

For not once i beleived in you

So i reluctantly followed your ways

I allowed myself to love you

One two three as many contenders uncoumtable

I shut the doors on them..just

To believe in you

I wrote poems for you

I wrote letters to you

But never ever i beleived 

So i did what anyone does

I kept my old ways on 

just never told you…hidden

To protect myself…

But slowly transcending

In trying to believing in you

I did everything 

That you recommended 

I believe i gave my self 

In every which way i could


Its never enough

I felt unworthy

I felt I can 

never reach

your expectations

And you make me feel

 Always let you down

I cant keep up 

With your nondemanding demands

It was never enough 

Never for you

I hate you 

I hide from you

 i don’t want to

But i dont want to 

go through 

your probing questions

I am not on trial damn it

I hate myself 

For i knew you are my biggest mistake

I am back in my cyber world

I always run there 

To relieve my self 

Where only me and my monsters live the way i dictate 

Me my hands my body my mouth my way my time

Real people you all are outrageous 

I will never forgive you

For what i did to myself 

I hate you for knowing that

I am always right about you

Sons of bitches

I exposed myself to you 

Everywhich way possible

Its not enough 

It will never be 

Yes you are the worst unfuckable of all

Your hunger is un fed able 

Your thirst is in satiable

Ok umm

Fuck you

You really don’t care”
In the beginning I told you that

I am the master villain … above all

I am The Saturn facing your constellation in the moon…The Shani .. The Destroyer

Fade fade more slowly then rapidly then gone…

I am indeed that monster…i will always reside in your mind…forever n ever


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