Honour, pride, esteem, dignity,
By the time you’d opened your eyes little child,
The only thing you would remember – self-preservation

The first four letters are torn out of your memory
By your own loved ones
By the time you could start speaking

Economics of love is self gratification at its best
The supply of others sacrifices and violations should always
Outweigh your own

Animal…yes you my child,

Don’t let your family brain wash you into
Don’t lie, be honest, talk straight, be nice and kind to others
love, care for others and love God and life after death crap

You already know self preservation
What they are saying is to cover your self preservation
With these elaborate hocus pocus

Yeah man be in style when you fuck others that’s all

If you can remain focus on this very fact
Not a blink unfocused
You will be all right

That’s how one gets Dignified here



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