Gave Up Too Soon 

I Gave Up Too Soon

I gave Up Too Soon 

your love your care 

like a little brat in my pampered life 

I gave Up Too Soon

your sincerity on worshipping me 

had no meaning without  the paper 

that says matrimony to show the world 

so I gave up Too Soon 

because I rather be with my monsters 

than your love or your selfless efforts

so I gave up Too Soon

because you are really nothing 

your uselessness that I showed you

your emptiness your shallowness

how else could I have broken you

how else could I have ever pushed you out of my universe

so I gave up on you

because I know you will survive 

like all other knives you have in you

so I gave up on you

To be able to walk all over you 

And once I collected all my strength 

while my family came together 

I shot off my mouth like a canon

blasted you completely and calling you names

but you already knew all that

what i was going to do

and you just let me

so i gave up on you 

because you let me 

but now I wonder 

why you let me

And my ego is too big to come back 

To you and let you love me

so I  gave up on you


Don’t Care What I lose

Don’t Care What I lose

Yes, my ego gets the best of me and the worst
So I don’t care what I lose or gain
Cos then I can lean on my self loathing
Quench my insecurites’s thirst

Yea, It’s my ego i nurture most
So I don’t care what I lose or gain
Cos then I can hide behind blaming you
Throw shit all over you – Be a good Host

Ahuh, ego is all I am
So I don’t care what I lose or gain
I never appreciate anything
Nothing of  value I see – I don’t give a damn

Every Time 

Every time every time every time 

Without fail every time 

 you know what iam saying

You  all know

you can deny all you want

but every time you think you grasped it

you found out you haven’t 

And you shake your head 

in the mixes of belief and disbelief

And mind laughs at your own Self 

you will never learn 

every time every time every time 

without fail

Run My Life

Run My Life

Wanted You
Needed You
Forever Desire You
Silently and at times screamingly
I made my point

Unheard, unpaid, you dissed it
Blames and accusations,
Excuses and alibis
Till I had no more to show
No more to act upon
The price I paid for what
I just wanted you to

run my life

Forever and ever

I keep failing myself and you

The End

The compulsion for this blog is over 

I have outgrown my Insanity 

beyond the horizons of cosmos

thanks for follows likes and your expressions 

it’s the end of the journey 

that I was compelled to travel

now the cosmos has shown 

the true path to the person 

no more will I be the journeyman

it was fun while it lasted 

The End

the new beginning must arrive soon

the compulsion must ignite for another traveller

so that the traveller can shed all insecurities, 

lying within, on me

O traveller you would now end worshiping my travelling grounds 

Only to find out that I was nothing 

But an abberration of your own thoughts 

reflecting encouraging empowering you

To reach your true destination 

so when you realize do not hate yourself 

look at yourself where you are at now clear and well defined with experience of lifetime 

Proudly you loved and reached the intense heights of Self 

The End is with me 

not with the destination you have always wished for