The End

the compulsion for this blog is over 

I have outgrown my Insanity 

beyond the horizons of cosmos

thanks for follows likes and your expressions 

it’s the end of the journey 

that I was compelled to travel

now the cosmos has shown 

the true path to the person 

no more will I be the journeyman

it was fun while it lasted 

The End

the new beginning mist arrive soon

the compulsion must ignite for another traveller

so that the traveller can shed all insecurities 

lying within on me

O traveller you would end up worshiping my travelling grounds 

only to find out that I was nothing 

But an abberration of yoir own thoughts 

reflecting encouraging empowering you

To reach yoir the destination 

so when you realize do not hate yourself 

look where yourself at now clear and well defined with experience of lifetime 

Proudly you loved and reached the intense heights of Self 

The End is with me 

not with the destination you have always wishes for it where you are now


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