I am an Abondener, did you not understand?
When you knew, your every little excuse and behaviour
Makes me walk away
And when you act opposite to you my saviour
Every bullshit, you will say
I am not your joker in your Marching Band -undertsand!

Your only responsibility was to be with me
With making me promise not to abandon you
With no promises of your own
Tell me, tell me about you what was true?
Except useless efforts; you having no dog, but keeping a bone
You can’t think of en caging me when you yourself wanna stay free -en caging me!

Tell yourself, tell me too I am always wrong
So you claimed I am your life
So you claimed I am yours
Why would you cut my heart out with knife?
I am not one of your man whores
All I did was make you this strong – always wrong

All I asked you is to save me from me
Don’t ever let me be the Abandoner I am
But you were too wrapped up in your own crap
Set me up I can hear all the doors on you I slam
Slowly disappearing erasing your existence’s map
You smiled and kept letting me flee -from you from me!




Show me your weaknesses 

And I will loathe you forever

Act petty and I will walk away

like I never exist

You are this easy riddens

Your  weak existence is no match 

for my Higher culture and high society 

upbringing as a the only daughter 

I only like strong men partners 

Not imbecels or pests

The Egoes Have Landed

The Unreacheable was not so unreachable after all
We both built the ships with so much gas
That it was easily inflatable
Fueling it the best way we could
With no self esteems
We found our moons seaparately
Of our own Worlds
Throwing out our existences from each others orbits
We landed on our moons
Now with so much emptiness and aloofness we announce
The Egos have landed