The path one alwaya travles
Our Path



My biggest quest is,
Of constant humility. Can I reflect in you and let you emanate this energy that is a positive reflection of my inner universe of love, harmony, safety, warmth, and spirituality. Throughout my life I have realized there are no right or wrong answers. There are no paradigms to shift. There are no talks to talk. Just keep doing things and have a belief that one day we will reach our destinations. One path may be longer than the other, but eventually we’ll get there.

There are a few reasons I blog.
Sometimes, when it’s hard to put my own overwhelming thoughts to give a rest or make them go to sleep, I give them a venue, a shape, a direction, a creativity. This way I find solace in writing.

Another reason for my writing would be that Most of us, to be happy, to live, to survive, till we die,  are wrapped around the race to become number one. To be Most Dominant, Most Powerful, Most Controlling, Most Rich, and Most possessor of materials in the world.
Is there anything wrong in that? I honestly don’t know.
I believe in Utopia. A state of all existences and perfect harmony that we may or may not be able to see. It’s almost impossible to be only one to be able to realize this Utopia. Perfection exists. We are all perfect. But no body will ever understand how? It’s a matter of belief I guess and I always found myself alone. And that is perfection. Honouring everything or not honouring anything. Not just dichotomy but harmony or spectra.
I, who don’t want to be a leader, a follower, a philosopher, or a writer or any thing that identifies me as some form or a class other than a being. If only I can just be that.

To guide myself to seek more humane actions and focus in your own little life’s Journey.

And if you have similar thoughts and if you are Muztarib, for life (Urdu word for being Antsy for the quest) 

Then you are doing the same thing, may be not in the written form. But you are in some form or shape.

So I write some more.
Searching whether one day we humans will act without fear, without destructive competition. 
Or without feeling that we have shortage or scarcity of things.
Then you must truly believe in abundance of everything that we see and everything
that we can’t even perceive, but do use.
This is what compelled my eagerness. My one question was Why?,

What happened to me then? And what happens to my belief of Utopia?

Then I understood. It was NEVER  a  “Why” that ever mattered it’s the HOWs that matters.

Utopia will never exist because someone is always there to break it.
I concluded for all idealistic and practical purposes that a
s long as you and I remain sane, we should  express fearlessly. You and I should travel our paths and embrace the “How” along the way. Love to all who seek and travel their Journeys and more love to those who don’t or can’t and one day they just might start and even finish.

You know, you and I, we were raised very uniquely. Don’t you admit you are unique? We were always asked to question everything without judging, for better understanding. Respecting people and without violating or disrespecting others beliefs. Just to let you know, see what I realize in my Journey is that when we keep our faith, then we don’t have to hear or talk indirectly or in circles. Also, that

One day we may all be able to understand without the use of words, without guessing the meaning or intentions of others.
By using our instincts.

   Where was I? 

Yeah my discovery of a path that I travel continuously. What makes me believe? Let me elaborate a little here.

From father to mom within 48 hours. There we were. Yeah, you and I were  in the womb, from our conception when we left other sperms behind. to our delivery at birth, we start acquiring packages of Knowledge. Like computer  and softwares. Packages and compatibility of other packages we would need in the world we will live in till our deaths. Package of our basic senses and the abilities to recognize what packages are needed to be installed, to live in this world. As we grow our necessity of acquiring knowledge and package  grows with it. Computers, smart phones, and tablets followed the same Human Logic. When we need worldly knowledge we acquire it by installing it in our brains. Then as our requirements necessitate us, we mastered them for our use.

There is a Journey we are all on. We have our own luggage in this Journey. From all walks of lives we walk. Our destination is mainly because of our needs of body, mind and soul.                                                                                                           

Body Requires  

1. Air
2. Water
3. Food
4. Sleep
5. Health
6. Nurturing of body
7. Physical companionship for togetherness

Mind Requires

1. Intellect
2. Recognition
3. Nurturing
4. Gratification
5. A direction
6. A solid reasoning and compulsion to do things
7. Other similar company to expand that intellect

Soul Requires

1. Nature
2. An ideology
3. Loyalty
4. Faith
6. Belief
5. Spirituality
6. Nurturing of faith and belief
7. Soulmate


When body, mind, and soul meet in harmony we get the most beautiful Human Being. The one we spend our whole lives to become. The Supreme Being.
The one Journey all of us are travelling to become. Forgetting we all were once born Perfect. Then we choose to install the worldly packages of knowledge that surrounds us in our body, mind and souls that we separate all three from each other. At times our environment we grow in does not allow us to be able to install or choose the right packages. We lose the difference between oneness of our mind, body, and soul.

Our milestones and landmarks in this Journey are, Each person we meet, we are reminded. Each incident that occur is an additional satellite positioning system that keeps indicating and alerting. We are on the right track, we wont give up. But sometimes these landmarks are invisible to the body because mind and soul are too far apart from our body.

Then what do we do?

We align them. In this Journey of lifetime. We keep maintaining, like the car after certain mileage needs, oil change, other services and alignments.
Our existence needs services of body, mind, and soul. for this reasons, exercises, workouts, meditations, yogas, doctors, and of course religions are here. Yet we still find ourselves feeling compelled and divided. Needless to say, we try to find solace in anything or everything. So why can’t we all travel together in this Journey  to understand and align and re-align each other without fear?

What do you say can we or can we not?


8 thoughts on “Journey

  1. Hi, Ali, i am fascinated by much that you have written. And with much of it i agree. But why do you believe that the soul needs an ideology? And what do you mean by ideology anyway? To me, ideology represents a rigid pre-formatted way of thinking that hinders, even prevents the use of one’s own mind and freedom of thinking, and that might be okay except that i believe that it thereby hinders creativity, which as an artist for me would be one of the worst outcomes possible…

    On the other hand, my greatest values are kindness, compassion and generosity, values which are too little stressed around the world and have lost ground everywhere as everyone strives to get “what is mine…” You dont need any ideology at all to be taught that it is better to give to others than to take or even receive.

    Anyhow, you opened the forum for a discussion. So here are my few words towards that end.


    1. Hi Pamela,
      First, Thank you for reading. Much appreciate it. In my Journey of this I want to meet people like you. With your discussion it makes you the first person I meet.

      Pam you are absolutely right Souls may not need ideology.
      If you read my blog about Truest Intentions and Lord of Universe and Uniqueness and Choices. Alos, Kindness It indicates exactly that what you are describing. In my Journey it will be elaborated even further along the walk.

      Finally yes, the Forum is always for open discussions, opinions, facts, questions and guiding me. This openness is the very essence of learning. So please discuss and challenge my thoughts so If I go out of line anywhere in my writing I have you and hopefully others as well.
      Thanks once again…My quest is humility. There is no humility if I start thinking I am right or I know everything.


    2. Hope for Peace

      To me, ideology represents a rigid pre-formatted way of thinking that hinders, even prevents the use of one’s own mind and freedom of thinking, and that might be okay except that i believe that it thereby hinders creativity, which as an artist for me would be one of the worst outcomes possible…

      How can one not be in need of an ideology, a goal, an aim. If me in an ocean, should I just swim, be free, without an ideology, a goal than die after some 60-70 years, hmm. A perfect ideology is not a pre formatted thinking, it can help you to advance your thoughts and actually begin a journey. Without an ideology one is not in a journey rather it’s just an illusion. The perfect ideology gives you the right creativity, imagine one can be creative for the dark side also. Can you please explain why, what for, how can ideology be a pre formatted way of thinking?!



      1. Thank You Aqiqh, Duas to you as well. Very beautifully put.

        To you, ideology hinders and obstructs if it is pre-formatted. So may be just, may be you dont’ have that as PRE_FORMATTED IDEOLOGY. You may have to acquire it as a peripheral that you must install as a hardware or software. THEN MASTER ITS USE. To you that’s your belief. I can’t refute even if I try. The only thing I can do is to respect you and accept you and never judge you. I have no inkling or position to even challenge that. Thats what my belief tells me.

        Imagine this now, Microsoft operating system and Apple Operating system.

        They both are for computers, smart machines, etc…
        They both come with SOME pre-installed softwares/applications
        They both give a base platform for operating other applications>
        However they both are not compatible with each other.
        one OS is not superior to the other. The USER of each of those computers will add applications and/or hardware to the best of what they need.
        To utilize any of those platforms to your daily use you must enhance each computer with an application or a hardware device.
        Word processor for writing
        Photoshop for editing or creating
        Movie maker for making movies

        I agree with what you said about PERFECT IDEOLOGY… Just for one minute, IMAGINE this …
        I extend your definition of PERFECT IDEOLOGY. I choose to believe EVERYTHING AROUND US IS PERFECT. Even the DARK SIDE. The poor, the sick, the bored, the busy, dogs cats, plants weeds, roses and thorns. EVERYTHING is PERFECT.

        I trained myself to believe that, as my belief requires MASTERY of my own belief, like a sports person whose record has never been broken in the sports he plays.I am the only competitor, in the game, to beat my own self. Perfect Example be GOLF.

        I strive to MASTER My belief of PERFECTION.
        In my belief, I can only enhance myself for the most creative outcomes for myself, that is win-win-win for me, things and people around me and the universe.

        Such is the power when one says “PEACE BE UPON YOU”

        Such is the power when one says to other “GOD IS WITH YOUR” rather than “MAY GOD BE WITH YOU”

        So now, I don’t “help” the poor because he is poor or needy or I feel sorry for him, or I pitty,
        NO EGO …I do it because that’s how it is “supposed to be.”
        Not as my duty, but as a privileged being that can. Not for gains. or purposefulness of self fulfilment or gratification. Not because this will create a chain of NICE KARMA around the world. Not because I have to teach others. As I already believe it to be PERFECT

        My life is my Journey. I have to choose, I have to install my applications, my hardwares, my peripherals for me. So when the challenges come, and challenges will always come, I am accepting of myself, I am easy on my self. I am accepting of the people who are with me and also who are not with and my brain can channel all these energies from people and things in a way that best suits me, people in my journey and the universe.

        I am happy to realize that there are others like you who are on the same Journey of their own. And accepting that there is always room for me to enhance myself.

        Thanks again.


  2. When Body Mind and Soul are together we get a beautiful human being. Well said. I suscribe to that process of body mind spirit and the need to find completeness and unity within and without with all things. It is often a difficult challenge but one that gives us the gift of peace, hope, love and understanding.
    Thank you for visiting me at my site and I will come to see you. I believe in unity with all life. We are all connected on this planet.


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